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Coach Course Deposit

Pay for full Coach Course


Course Fee $325.00
Candidate pays for slots.
Candidate pays for USPA Rating fee.


1.  Conduct training in the non-method-specific portions of the skydiving ground school:
     (1) Equipment familiarization as it pertains to the first jump
     (2) Basic canopy control
     (3) Parachute emergency procedures
     (4) Landings and landing emergencies (obstacles)
     (5) Aircraft emergencies for students cleared to freefall self-supervision and who have completed the Category E aircraft briefing in the USPA Integrated

          Student Program
 2.Teach the general portions of transition training for students changing from tandem to solo methods.
 3. Conduct group freefall skills training and jumps with students who have been cleared by a USPA Instructor.
 4. Make gripped exits with students during group freefall skills jumps.
 5. Supervise recurrency jumps with licensed skydivers.
 6. Supervise static-line and IAD students beginning in Category C after each student demonstrates a successful clear and pull:
     (1) All ground training must be performed by an appropriately rated instructor.
     (2) The student must be trained by an instructor to independently handle aircraft emergencies.
 7.All student training and recurrency jumps with a USPA Coach are conducted under the supervision of a current and appropriately rated USPA Instructor.


To participate in a USPA Coach Course you will need the following:

1. Current USPA membership
2. B-license
3. Minimum of 100 jumps
4. Have the required topics signed off on the Coach Proficiency Card prior to the course
5. Have completed your written exam
6. Have the USPA SIM and IRM - You need to have a current SIM and IRM for the course. (Within 24 months) Ordered from USPA

Have your Proficiency Card: You need to have this card filled out in all the required areas before showing up at the course. It is a good idea to attend as many FJC's and observe some of your seasoned instructors teach the ISP and see how they apply it. You can find this card in the back of the IRM or download it from the USPA, be sure to have the required areas signed off, most of the topics on the card will be covered by or signed by the Coach Course Director or evaluator.

You must complete the required test prior to arriving to the course. The Coach written exam is located in the back of the IRM along with the answer sheet. You must have a passing score is 80% before the start of the actual course. It is an open book test where you will have to use and read the SIM and IRM - if you do not bring your test you must score 100% at the course. Have your SIM and IRM: Books need to be no older than 2 years old.


Three Full Days

1. Prior to this course
    a. a supervising USPA Instructor observes and evaluates each candidate during the required first-jump courses and portions of courses for coaching skills and communication ability.

    b. Each candidate must correctly answer at least 80% of the questions on an open-book written examination covering the following:

         (1) FAR 105 (SIM Section 9-1)

         (2) USPA Basic Safety Requirements and waivers (SIM Section 2-1)

         (3) Any related readings included in the USPA Coach Rating Course

         (5) portions of the USPA Integrated Student Program (SIM Section 4)

                 (i) Category A, Solo General Section

                 (ii) all sections of Categories F-H except the canopy control drills outlined in each category

2. During the course

a. a supervising USPA Instructor observes each candidate conduct training sessions from the ISP syllabus that USPA Coaches are qualified to teach:

         (1) sample lessons from the general sections of the first-jump course

         (2) freefall portions of Categories F-H

b. The candidate performs at least two satisfactory evaluation jumps, including freefall training.

c. The candidate is evaluated on his or her debriefing skills.

d. commencement of privileges

        (1) The privileges of any instructional rating will commence upon successful completion of the rating course and will be valid for 30 days with  a candidate log book endorsement
 by the coach examiner.

(2) The rating must be processed at USPA headquarters to be considered valid after the 30-day grace period expires.



Travel expenses for all courses are as follows:

Transportation: (plane tickets & rental cars) will be reimbursable from candidates (We will always choose the cheaper route for the candidates, if driving a car is cheaper we will take it)
1.  If we are driving our own cars to your location, gas will be reimbursed.
2.  If we fly to your DZ and the DZO or a candidate provides a car, there will be no expenses charged to candidates if a car is provided.
3.  The last option is a rental car from the airport and the cost will be reimbursed by the candidates or DZO.
4.  Hotels if necessary - will be reimbursed and the costs shared by the candidates or the DZO may cover the cost.